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Release Notes

Note you MUST be on an administrator account to install the platform.  Once installed you will be able to run the platform as a regular user.

Web Version: 

12/13/2010   Updates - Version 4.00 x1213


A check (on opening of platform) to see if the platform is open in another location — if found to be true, it will shut it down and allow the new connection.  Previously, the platform would just continuously try and reconnect with no message.


If you are on a trial account, you will see a message telling you how much time you have remaining.


Upon your trial expiring, you will be displayed a dialog that will make it easier to re-enable and activate your subscription to ONE44

11/22/2010   Updates - Version 4.00 x1122


We made opening a Swing Chart and Market Price Ladders simpler.  Please see these screenshots for more information.    You will now just have to select from a list of symbols that your account is enabled for.


All of the time and dates that were shown would always say it was daylight time.  We have fixed this bug and the timestamps should all display correctly.

11/12/2010   Updates - Version 4.00 x1112


Originally on the Closed Trades table there was the column Exit Price.  We realized that this may be confusing to those who are not familiar with the platform.

We have changed the Exit Price column to Best Exit -- which will now show the best exit price that the support or resistance level provided you.  See update here.

Added We now provide you with Swing Charts for the FX pairs: E7 (EMicro EUR) and J6 (EMicro Yen).

09/07/2010   Updates - Version 4.00 x0907

Fixed RTAPI for DDFeed would not throw and invalid login if incorrect username and password were entered, fixed this issue by checking for market data on login.
Beta Addition Added Charting Page with real-time charts for all markets.  SCREEN SHOTS

08/25/2010   Updates - Version 4.00 x0825

Fixed Market data issues using Barchart's DDFeed
Fixed RTAPI for DDFeed would not throw and invalid login if incorrect username and password were entered, fixed this issue by checking for market data on login.
Fixed Charts and MPL's now save where you last closed them using Workspaces

Made it easier to enter in symbols to create a MPL and SWING Chart (selects symbol text)


Fixed misc. code on the 'Connection Status' window

Coming Soon

Real-time Quote Board page to the dash board

04/07/2010   Updates - Version 3.75 x0407

Added Workspaces - Save and load open windows and window locations
Fixed Support request feature under 'Connection Settings'

11/11/2009   Updates - Version 3.75 x1110

Added Morning and Afternoon Audio Market Call
Added Support for backup servers, in place of our primary one being unavailable
Fixed Miscellaneous  “Unhandled Exception” errors you may have run in to.
Fixed BUG: If you were not connected to the internet when you opened the platform then closed it down, the next time you would open it you would receive an error that would not allow you to log in.

03/23/2009   Updates - Version 3.00 x0324

Changed Long Term Analysis will now show last seven messages.
Fixed Charts stopped working or were incorrectly updating around 11:00 or 12:00 CT
Added NQ and ES buttons to the Current Levels box on the Dashboard.

A Forgot Password feature
Click Forgot Password on the Login Window, enter your email address and your login info will be sent to you.

03/02/2009   Updates - Version 2.50 x0224

Added SMS Updates - Forward platform updates to your cell phone
Updated Troubleshooting Section
Coming... Scalp Zones and updates to the Tiers (T1, T2, T3)

12/31/2008   Updates

Added How to understand the Intraday Swing Point Chart.

12/18/2008   Updates - Version 2.50 x1218

Added Swing Charts.  A realtime chart to show the swing point and target levels.  [BETA] Not completely compatible with Windows Vista

11/10/2008   Updates - Version 2.00 RC1 x1110

Added Market Meter.  A simple meter added to the Market Price Ladder to measure the Short Term, Intermediate and Long Term trend of the market.  Plese see How to understand the Market Strength Meter for more information.
Added A Simple quote board on the Dashboard.  This feature is still beta.  Please click here to learn more.
Added An SMS Server. Click here to learn more about our SMS Server.
Fixed The platform would not connect if your machine's time was more the two minutes different then the server's time.  We have removed this check from the platform.
Fixed The 64bit OS issue.  You should now be able to run the single version of the platform on 32bit and 64bit machines.  Please contact support if you still cannont run version 2.00 RC1 on your 64bit machine.

09/15/2008   Updates - Version 1.50 RC2 x0915

Added The option to convert the timestamps for message and trades to your local time zone.  Please check the Convert Timestamps to local time in the Application Settings dialog.  Please see How to enable local time stamps.
Added The option to set audio alerts on entering and exiting a trade.  Please see How to enable audio alerts for more information.
Changed Market Message: "0000.00 (ESZ8) is still a valid resistance/support level" to "We have reacted from the 0000.00 area.  Be caution next time there"  Please see How to understand the Market Price Ladder for more information.

09/15/2008   Current Bugs   --   Still Alive as of 11/11/2009

 Bug ID: 0012  While in a trade, upon a reconnection then followed by a trade being stopped, the P/L may be off by 2 ticks.
 Bug ID: 0013  Upon a reconnection after a dropped connection, the login window may not disappear.  Please click Hide Window for now.

You can always download the latest version from the following URL's

 V3.75 (Current Release)
 V2.00 RC2
 V1.50 RC2 Version will no longer be supported JAN 25th 2009

Updated 11/11/2009

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