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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is The ONE44 Platform?

ONE44 is windows application that provides realtime support & resistance levels for the futures markets. 
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What are the system requirements for the ONE44 Platform?

ONE44 runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  We do not directly support Mac at this time.  However, we have had success running the platform using VMware Fusion, with good results.  Please contact support for more information about using VMware Fusion & ONE44.

System Requirements:
Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz +
At least 1 GB ram
1 GB hard dive space
Administrator Enabled Account

What Markets do the Support & Resistance Levels Cover?

We are currently following the Emini S&P 500 future contract on Globex.

Where do the Support & Resistance Levels derive from?

The numbers that power the ONE44 platform derive from market research technique's used by Fibonacci, W.D. Gann and other technical analysis methods.

Where can I Find the Trade Performance of the Platform?

You can view our
track record here , which is updated every day after the close.

What Type of Written Analysis is Provided?

ONE44 provides 'Short Term' analysis, 'Long Term' analysis and '1x1 Angle' analysis.

The short term analysis will usually include the days swing point and morning analysis. It will update you as the trading day progress with information about the trend of the market.

The long term analysis gives a much broader view of the market, listing important levels that the market needs to hold or take out to keep or change the current trend.

The 1x1 angle analysis will let you know where the most important angles are and what you can expect when closing above or below them.

How Many Trades are there on a Daily Basis?

How many trade opportunities that will be available on a daily basis really depends on how volatile the market is. The more the market moves, the more trades made.

With that being said, on average, three trades are made per day.

Will the ONE44 Platfrom Tell me How Big or Small to Trade a Certain Number?

NO. ONE44 will only give you the areas to enter the market. You will have to use your trading experience to manage the rest.

Will the Platfrom Recommend an Exit/Trading Stratgey?

NO.  ONE44 will only recommend optimal entry points.  You will have to use your trading experience to manage the rest.

Do you Plan on Following any Other Markets?

Yes. We have applied the same system to the NQ, ER2, and the FDAX and plan to make them available in the near future.

What are the recommended System Requirements for ONE44?

A PC running Windows XP or Vista with a Pentium 4 2.5Ghz or higher. 1GB Ram with 250 MB free disk space and a 1152x864 or higher display.

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