ONE44 Platform Help Guide



ONE44 is a real-time platform that provides support and resistance for the futures markets.

Our service at it's core is to provide support and resistance points that continually change through out the trading day.

We believe that all the points that we put out during the day can be traded and that you should look for at least 3 to 5 handles in each recommendation.  The short and long term outlook along with the 1x1 angle outlook will help you as a trader to decide if you want to hold a position for more then the 3 to 5 handles.

The other feature that will help you decide to hold a trade longer than usual is the tier level that is connected to each number, this can be found by placing you mouse over the support or resistance level on the side of the price ladder, it will tell you how much to look for above the normal trade. 

While there may be other support or resistance numbers before you would get to that extended target the Tier level is recommending, we feel all the numbers we provide are tradeable.

In the end, we are providing you with optimal areas to get into the market.  You can add in your own analysis, algorithms or calculations to help you make your trading decision.

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