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Platform Troubleshooting


Below are a list of common software errors that may occur while using the ONE44 Platform.  If you do not see your problem below, please contact us at [email protected]

Common Errors & Solutions

I open a Market Price Ladder but I do not see it on the screen.

Reset the Market Price Ladders

Once you have opened the platform, click on Connection Settings . Now select the Clean Up tab and click on Reset Window Positions

My Market Price Ladders are displaying 1588.00 and not updating.

Your password is incorrect.
If you forget your password, you can simply enter your email after clicking the 'Forgot Password' link on the Login Window.

See this link for help on how to do that: Forgot Password

As soon as I open the platform I see "Your market profile may be out of date etc...."

Solution #1
Your computer is not connected to the Internet or your firewall is blocking ONE44.

Solution #2
Your Windows account may not have write/modify access to the platform install directory.  Contact your system Administrator for help with this issue.

When I try to login the platform shuts down or disappears

You must install the ONE44 Platform with and Administrator account or privileges.  Once you have installed the platform you can run it from a regular user account.  Contact your system administrator for help with obtaining admin privileges.

When I try to login I get a "DDFeed: Invalid Login, Please try again"

Solution #1
Login credentials are case sensitive, please make sure that you enter your username and password exactly how they appear in your ONE44 Welcome email.  If you are still having trouble, send us an email at [email protected] .

Solution #2
If you are sure your login credentials are correct, this error can also show because of Windows Vista and UAC.  You need to be logged in as an Administrator or with Administrator privileges.

Please Disable UAC on Windows Vista and try the installation again.  Please contact support if you need help with this process.

When I try to login I keep getting a "Connection Lost, trying to reconnect error"

Solution #1
After you confirm you are connected to the internet.  Please make sure your time and date are correct on your computer.  Including your local timezone.  You can use 'Internet Time' feature of Windows. 

Try this NNTP server: -- if the windows servers are not responding.

Solution #2
If the above solution does not resolve your connection/logging on problems you can try the method below...

First close out the platform.  Go to Start > My Computer or select My Computer from your desktop.  Now browse to the location your installed the platform, default it C:\Program Files\ONE44.  Now delete the folders Store and Log.  Start the platform and try to logon.

One or more charts do not load when I re-open the platform

To solve this issue, right click on the chart and select Interval > 5 min to reload the chart data.

I still see the first open trade after hitting another area of support or resistance.
Why is there a Buy and a Sell trade in the Open Trades box?

This is a bug that we are aware of.  For a temporary workaround, please close the Market Price Ladder and open it again.

File > Create New Market Price Ladder or CTRL + L on your keyboard.

I can only see one line in the RSS News Feeds box

Most likely this is happening because of a low screen resolution.  We recommend a screen resolution equal or greater than 1152x864.  Right click on your desktop to change your resolution.

The Login Window will not disappear after a reconnection.

Please click on the Hide Window link on the Login Window.

The news items in the RSS News Feeds box are from Yesterday. 

Consider adding another source of RSS feeds.  See some sample below:


Please note: RSS feeds are not meant to be a real-time trading news substitute.

There is a red X in place of the RSS News Feeds box.

This is a bug we are aware of, a fix will be available soon.  For a temporary work around, please close the platform and re open it.

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